Sutherland Suzanne

I am an experienced real estate solicitor with over 15 years spent in private practice. I have worked on a wide range of real estate matters with a particular focus on leasing work within the office, retail, hospitality, and industrial sectors.  I also have experience in purchase and sale, corporate support, property finance and development […]

Dealmakers now face security dimension

The passing of the National Security and Investment Act 2021, provided the government with the power to scrutinise and intervene in corporate transactions. 18 months on, Legal Director Morag Waller, looks at the practical impacts of the Act’s key provisions on such transactions.

Annuities, Jane Austen, and the American Civil War

What can Jane Austen, and the American Civil War teach employers about their pension obligations?
As one case from the USA shows, they might end up paying pensions for far longer than anyone anticipated. Steven Dunn, Vialex Head of Pensions Services combines his interests in literature and history with his knowledge of pensions, to explain further.
Title image – The Angle, Gettysburg (author’s own).

Lettings regulation short of a solution

Katie Corrigan, Vialex senior legal director and Head of Real Estate, looks at concerns surrounding the proposed implementation of short-term let regulations within Edinburgh, and their potential effect on the tourism sector and wider business.

Privacy standards facing more upheaval

Sean Morris, Legal Manager at Vialex company Navigator Employment Law, considers current and future challenges to businesses from changes to UK data protection law, and whether the changes will reduce commercial costs and boost economic growth.

“The French have a word for it…” It might be la grève

The state pension age has become something of a thorny issue for governments across the developed world. Steven Dunn, Head of Pension Services at Vialex, looks at proposed changes to state pension age in France and the UK and the responses to them.

Change is a challenge to seek opportunities

In the week of Burns Night, Vialex CEO Keith Anderson draws on some words of the bard to reflect on the challenge presented by change to seek new opportunities, and how those businesses which learn from recent experiences are always best placed to succeed.