Consultant Partners

Experienced lawyers delivering the very best service to clients with the benefit of the backup, support and continuity of an established law firm, and the flexibility, independence and equivalent remuneration structure of a platform business

Since its formation over 10 years ago, Vialex has built a reputation throughout the United Kingdom for high quality legal and commercial advice. We support clients in their day-to-day needs through our Legal Counsel Service and for corporate transactions through our Transaction Services Team.

We do things differently and have been in the vanguard of many of the changes that have taken place in the legal industry in the last decade or so.

We keep a close eye on all developments, and will look at anything we believe is best for the client. We have followed with interest, the growth of platform businesses designed to allow senior lawyers the opportunity to practise on their own account. However, we are not convinced these models are in the best interests of client or lawyer. For the client, where is the continuity of service? For the lawyer, where is the support that all professionals benefit from, no matter how experienced?

It seems obvious to us that the interests of client and lawyer can be better served in a hybrid model that has the best parts of the traditional law firm model and a platform business.

The experienced lawyer who joins us as a Vialex Consultant Partner has the full support of other experienced lawyers to ensure delivery of the best service to their clients, and their clients will take confidence from that too. For the lawyer, there are the benefits of independence and flexibility, with a remuneration structure equivalent to a platform business, but without the anxiety of wondering how to deliver the service without certainty of back up. For the client, they have their preferred adviser, so no change there, and access to other lawyers with expertise in other disciplines.

We also offer long term continuity for the client and lawyer.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Keith Anderson, and in the meantime, you may be interested to read an article on this subject, which Keith wrote for Daily Business in April 2022

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