ID checks will ensure more transparency

The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 came into force in late October, and will bring sweeping changes and additional compliance measures to UK company administration. Vialex compliance manager, Natasha Edgecombe looks at how SMEs can get ahead of the game.

Avoid tainting dismissal with discrimination

Navigator legal manager Natalia Milne, reviews a tribunal case highlighting the costly error that can result when an employer falls foul of disability discrimination protections.

The Graduate visa route

Following an earlier article on student visas and the right to work in the UK, Steven Dunn, Vialex Head of Immigration law now turns his attention to the Graduate visa route, highlighting what employers and individuals should know about this potentially useful option.

Material questions raised over RAAC

Writing about the issues with RAAC currently facing public and commercial property, Head of Real Estate, Katie Corrigan says that commercial property transactions are now likely to include extra checks on construction methods.

Missing the Mark

Senior legal director Allan Reid looks at what it means for business now that plans to replace the CE Safety mark with a UKCA mark have been delayed “indefinitely”.

Student visas and the right to work

With the end of the academic year already upon us, Steven Dunn, Vialex’s head of immigration law, offers a timely reminder for international students and employers alike of what the rules say about their right to work.

Dealmakers now face security dimension

The passing of the National Security and Investment Act 2021, provided the government with the power to scrutinise and intervene in corporate transactions. 18 months on, Legal Director Morag Waller, looks at the practical impacts of the Act’s key provisions on such transactions.

Annuities, Jane Austen, and the American Civil War

What can Jane Austen, and the American Civil War teach employers about their pension obligations?
As one case from the USA shows, they might end up paying pensions for far longer than anyone anticipated. Steven Dunn, Vialex Head of Pensions Services combines his interests in literature and history with his knowledge of pensions, to explain further.
Title image – The Angle, Gettysburg (author’s own).