Williamson Greig

I am a senior legal director of Vialex Transactional Services and Head of Debt Advisory Services. I advise on all aspects of the corporate life cycle, through acting on start-ups to funding rounds, mergers and acquisitions, sales and reorganisations. I have a particular focus on advising borrowers and lenders on acquisition funding and debt / […]

Lowe Andy

I am a senior legal director of Vialex Transaction Services advising clients on a broad range of transactional work including acquisitions and sales, joint ventures, private company fund raisings, and corporate restructures. I also provide general corporate and commercial advice to Boards, shareholders and senior management teams.  I have acted for clients ranging from the […]

Dinsmore Keith

I co-founded Vialex in 2010 with the aim of building a lean corporate and commercial legal services firm servicing the UK market fit for the 21st century.   I advise on a wide range of UK and cross-border corporate transactional work, including acquisitions, disposals, private company funding rounds, solvent restructurings and reorganisations and joint venture work. […]

Anderson Keith

I founded Vialex in 2010 to advise companies, and businesses generally, as if we are their in-house legal counsel. It struck me that companies would benefit from having constant access to a dedicated team of legal advisers, as opposed to just taking advice on a reactive basis. Roll the clock forward and the Vialex Legal […]