We are highly experienced in acting for both institutional lenders and borrowers across a whole range of debt products.

We advise on all aspects of banking and finance, with our main focus being advising corporate borrowers. The debt and lending markets have significantly changed over the last few years and there is now a great deal of competition in the supply of debt funding. We can help you navigate the various funding options and work with you to negotiate the best commercial terms for your debt finance.

Highly experienced in acting for both funders and borrowers, our lawyers will work with you right from the initial stages, advising on the right loan facilities for you and your business and helping to negotiate outline terms and conditions with your chosen funder.  We will take a sensible, commercial approach to all negotiations, focusing on the key commercial points which are important to your business.

As well as negotiating new debt documentation, we can also assist on a day to day basis in your dealings with your lenders – for example, monitoring ongoing compliance with financial covenants, advising on what to do if you suspect you may breach, or have breached, your debt agreements and liaising with your lender on any consents or amendments that may be required.


The specific debt funding work we do

Acquisition Finance

Real Estate Finance


Corporate Lending

Receivables and Trade Finance

Group Debt Restructuring




Our debt funding team (key contacts)