Employment law, HR, health & safety and immigration law

If your business employs staff or contractors, you will face legal challenges in employment, health & safety and immigration. 


We take the worry out of compliance with employment law, health & safety law and immigration law. The pace of legislative change can be bewildering so having experienced, commercially minded, advisers is essential.

We will protect your assets from the potential effects of employment tribunals, health & safety prosecutions or immigration fines as well as advising you generally on all matters relating to human capital.     

Our advisory team is drawn from a range of backgrounds and includes employment lawyers, HR practitioners, immigration lawyers and health & safety and environmental practitioners.

They can work independently on defined projects or collaboratively across our offerings, providing seamless and practical advice and solutions.

We will also provide legal and consultancy support through the entire employment journey, from recruitment and selection of staff to their departure and all points in between, on a continuing or one off basis. 


Specific areas of advice

Employment Law

Health & Safety

HR Projects

Immigration Law

Training & Development




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