The Great Vialex Bake Off!

Vialex is delighted to announce that its new partner charity is Kinsfolk Carers, Edinburgh, which provides help and support to people involved in raising a child or children because the biological parents are, for whatever reason, unwilling or unable to do so. These are typically grandparents or other extended family members, and adults with whom the child or children have a close family-like relationship, such as godparents and close family friends. Most kinship carers receive no financial support and they rely on benefits or their own income, which in many cases is a pension. This can be challenging because the carers are usually unprepared to become “parents” and suddenly need items to meet the child’s basic needs or have to change their home to accommodate the child. This is where Kinsfolk Carers come in to provide help and support to allow the carers to access these items and make the necessary adjustments to their life and home.  

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The firm recently held its first event, a highly competitive bake off, to raise money for the charity. This was hugely popular, with members of staff competing to be crowned “star baker”. Each of the entries was then sold around the office and the firm is pleased to announce that the sum of £150 was raised, all of which will be donated to Kinsfolk Carers Edinburgh.