Alan Sutherland

Every day is different. I can be involved in standard HR and employment law advice to company clients of varying sizes in the areas of disciplinary, absence management or performance management. Or providing more complex and detailed advice in relation to major restructurings or take-overs, involving TUPE and redundancy issues. Or finding myself in the Employment Tribunal throughout the UK representing clients facing all sorts of employment claims, such as disability discrimination or claims under the Agency Workers Regulations.

I often find that people’s perception of employment law is that it stops employers from doing certain things. Very rarely is that the case. But by understanding exactly what it is that our client is seeking to achieve, I can advise on the best way to achieve that goal.  There may be more than one way to get there, and I will discuss with you the pros and cons of each approach where this is applicable. And the same applies to Employment Tribunal litigation if things get that far.

The variety of the employment lawyer’s world is incredible. There’s nowt as queer as folk and truly no two days are the same. And no two clients are the same either in terms of the ways they want to go about things or their attitude to risk. And that’s what makes my job fascinating, along with the ability to truly understand the client’s business and feel part of it. And it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to e mail a client with a copy of the Employment Tribunal judgment which starts “All claims dismissed”.