As a trainee I work in the background assisting my colleagues with a wide range of matters they deal with, from millions of pounds worth transactions, employment disputes, commercial property matters, legal advisory, drafting contracts, to secretarial support and filing. As I come from multi-disciplinary educational background, I really enjoy contributing to a variety of tasks that require utilising both quantitative and qualitative method.

At the outset of any task, I do a lot of research to ensure I have full understanding of the background of the matter. My colleagues, lawyers with years of experience gained in reputable law firms both in Scotland and in the City, give me expert advice and point me in the ‘right’ direction so that I could comfortably progress. From this point I take over the ownership of the task, and I must admit, this is the most exciting part, as I have freedom to utilise my creativity and analytical skills to search for solutions, while still being in the safety net of the expertise of my colleagues.  When I reach a stage of being comfortable with the outcome of my part of work, I have a discussion with my colleagues and together we apply the best solution to resolve the matter.

I chose Vialex to be my training company as it is one of not many businesses in the legal services sector that so well balances the implementation of innovative solutions with reliable and client-focused legal support. My colleagues have great personalities, amazing level of creativity and good sense of humour. I think we create a good team, and being now a part of it I strongly believe together we have a huge potential for growth.