Employment law is a challenging, fast-moving, plain-speaking and people-centred area of law and I feel fortunate to be a solicitor in this field. Everyone, in their working life, has come into contact with employment law and has some awareness of the fact that there are various rights and obligations which apply to employers and employees which can help make the workplace fair as well as productive.

Whether the issue is one of discrimination, unfair dismissal, family friendly rights, redundancy, TUPE transfers, or the changing of terms and conditions, when interests collide or conflicts arise I get to help and guide our clients to find logical and pragmatic solutions to the challenges they face.

 I also enjoy being able to demonstrate to our clients all the ways in which the law is not a barrier to their goals and show that, on the contrary, if it is properly applied, it can help them get to where they want to go with the minimum of fuss and risk. This makes commercial sense to the business and creates a fairer and more harmonious workplace.

My day to day work is varied in that in any given week I could be in the office providing HR advice to a client or auditing their policy documentation; I could be onsite at a client’s premises providing them with advice on a business strategy or delivering training; or I could be advocating on behalf of a client in an Employment Tribunal anywhere in the UK.  There is never a dull moment.

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