Seanpaul McCahill

I am a dual-qualified employment solicitor and Chartered HR professional. I provide tailored employment law and HR solutions to clients, supporting them through the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to termination. In particular, I advise on issues including unfair dismissal, discrimination, immigration and organisational change. In addition, I write and provide training and coaching to management teams across the UK.

It’s important to me that the advice I give is pragmatic as well as legally compliant. My clients need to know the legal issues, but I also like to guide them in other ways, such as how to handle difficult meetings. Some of the managers that I support have limited experience of challenging employee situations and so I hold helping them to apply the law in practice in the same regard as informing them of what the law says. My HR background is helpful for that as I have worked at the proverbial ‘coalface’.

I enjoy employment law and HR as it always has a human element, which usually makes my work more interesting. I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping my clients, particularly when I hear the relief in their voice when we solve a problem together.


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