The Graduate visa route

Following an earlier article on student visas and the right to work in the UK, Steven Dunn, Vialex Head of Immigration law now turns his attention to the Graduate visa route, highlighting what employers and individuals should know about this potentially useful option.

Student visas and the right to work

With the end of the academic year already upon us, Steven Dunn, Vialex’s head of immigration law, offers a timely reminder for international students and employers alike of what the rules say about their right to work.

“Too much and never enough”

Steven Dunn, Head of Immigration Law at Vialex considers whether the conflicting views often expressed about migration, and its potential role in filling gaps in our labour market, might be putting the UK at risk of competitive disadvantage.

Trade talks open door to recruitment squeeze

A UK-India Young Professionals Visa Scheme launches in early 2023. Steven Dunn, Vialex Head of pensions and immigration law, looks at the background to the scheme and the possibility that further trade deals may pave the way for accompanying relaxations in the UK visa regime.

How to untangle the recruitment red tape

Writing in Daily Business, Vialex Legal Director Steven Dunn looks at at the widespread problems and delays facing employers looking to hire overseas staff under the post-Brexit immigration system, and at some possible solutions available.