Annuities, Jane Austen, and the American Civil War

What can Jane Austen, and the American Civil War teach employers about their pension obligations?
As one case from the USA shows, they might end up paying pensions for far longer than anyone anticipated. Steven Dunn, Vialex Head of Pensions Services combines his interests in literature and history with his knowledge of pensions, to explain further.
Title image – The Angle, Gettysburg (author’s own).

“The French have a word for it…” It might be la grève

The state pension age has become something of a thorny issue for governments across the developed world. Steven Dunn, Head of Pension Services at Vialex, looks at proposed changes to state pension age in France and the UK and the responses to them.

Bulls, bears, and pension scheme trustees

Legal Director Steven Dunn, Head of Pensions at Vialex, looks at the problems immediately confronting Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes in this current financial crisis, arising from the Liability Driven Investment (LDI) strategy. What lessons have been learned and what next for trustees of DB schemes?