Veropath are a global provider of Technology Expense Management (TEM) services for enterprise clients.  They help with the challenge of managing increasingly complex IT and telecom estates, to make them more efficient and reduce costs. They have an analytics portal giving full visibility to clients of their telecoms assets and usage, and by bringing all information together in one place their clients can then assess how to optimise and manage their telecoms estate better and identify where savings can be made.

Veropath have been a subscription client of Vialex since September 2015. In that time Vialex have both negotiated the high value commercial contracts that underpin Veropath’s revenue, dealt with any employment law issues (through our specialist subsidiary, Navigator) and dealt with a range of corporate matters including a pre-emptive shareholder offer round and share option schemes.

David Booker, Chief Executive Officer, commented:
“Paul and his team at Vialex have played a critical role in the success of Veropath.  Their knowledge, attention to detail, and thorough yet realistic approach has enabled us to focus on running the business safe in the knowledge that we can rely on Vialex to take care of all our legal and HR matters and that it will be done responsively, and with the greatest diligence.  We also appreciate very much, the flexible subscription model that Vialex proposed as it delivers the flexibility a business like Veropath needs and offers excellent value.”



Our legal counsel team