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Services Summary

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Strategic Consultancy

Identifying a viable Mergers & Acquisition strategy with you.

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Legal Risk Assesment

Identifying and quantifying the impact of issues on pricing you will achieve on your deal.

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Legal Support      

Supporting your team at each step from issue management preparation through to deal execution.

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Commercial Due Diligence

Using our expertise to aid you in the evaluation of the target business.

M&A Key Services

Vialex can guide you through the whole Mergers & Acquisitions process, seamlessly working with your business until the deal is done

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Strategy & Planning

You have your own M&A strategy, priorities, and objectives.
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How Vialex works for you

  • Assessing the impact of legal risks relevant to executing that strategy, assessing potential counterparties in relevant industry sectors
  • For sell side minimising impact of known issues and mitigating exposure to unknown issues
  • For buy side assessing particulars of information memoranda and initial due diligence assessments
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Deal Execution

This is the art of doing deals. Whether share or asset sales, an exclusive run, auction, responding to a regulator’s request to acquire or dispose, and everything in between we anticipate our client’s needs.

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How Vialex works for you

  • Support, direct, and advise on the whole deal execution cycle.
  • Negotiate heads of terms, undertake a due diligence review, finalise the principal and ancillary documents.
  • Coordinate completion (including funding) and assist in the roll out of the post-acquisition plan.
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Deal Preparation

The buy and sell sides of an M&A transaction have different interests but both want to know the impact on price of any adverse issues.

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How Vialex works for you

  • Delivering effective commercial due diligence on the legal risks, governance,and regulatory conduct of the target firm
  • For sell side preparing the data room and using our experience to eliminate issues that may trip up execution within the deal timetable
  • For buy side reporting, assessing and quantifying relevant information or gaps in that information, against your strategic plans
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Once the deal is done that is just the beginning and if it is to be a success effective integration is essential.

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How Vialex works for you

  • Harness the experience of our Legal Counsel Service to support the newly acquired business, in resolving the legal risks inherent in the integration process.
  • Execute the underlying strategic plan to deliver success.

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Road Map & Next Steps

Where are you on your M & A journey?

This road map sets out the key stages of the business sale & purchase journey. M&A work involves data, time and decision making. How quickly that journey is completed depends on the commercial context. The better the preparation, the better your goals and their associated timetables are achieved.

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Our M&A Work & Clients

We have an active portfolio of clients progressing their businesses interests in M&A activity

  • Acting for Argentis Financial Group in relation to the acquisitions of: The business and assets of the independent advisory firm operated by Barnes Marsland, Solicitors; Part of the business and associated rights of Cobra Financial Services Limited; Part of the business and associated rights of Hart Brown, Solicitors; Part of the business and associated rights of Herbert Parnell Financial Services Limited
  • Acting for the management shareholders of TCAM Asset Management Group Limited in sale of that (wealth management) company to 7IM
  • Acting for Save & Invest Group Limited in connection with the acquisition of Shepherd and Wedderburn Financial Holdings Limited
  • Acting for the shareholders of Argentis Financial Group relating to its sale to AJ Gallagher
  • Acting for the management shareholders of Cornerstone Asset Management LLP in the sale of the members’ interests in the LLP to Waverton Investment Management Group
  • Acting for the shareholders of Caledonia Asset Management Limited in its sale to Mattioli Woods PLC

Why work with Vialex?

Our clients face pressure from regulators, disruption from platforms, increased competition, and continued digitalisation. We expect M&A activity to focus on the continued formation of strategic partnerships, ongoing consolidation, and a higher level of distressed assets in 2022.

We believe activity will gain momentum over the remainder of 2022 and throughout 2023 as wealth advisers seek to optimise cost structures, grow the top line, and increase efficiency and margins. Our financial services experience is considerable. We understand the areas of legal risk in our chosen areas of expertise, and how to manage those risks. Our aim is to swiftly size any legal risk that impacts on value or progression of the deal, and agree with you how to address that risk in order to negotiate the best possible deal completion outcome for you. 

The Vialex team has over 150 years’ combined experience in the financial services industry M&A market. We have seen the trends set by clients gaining strategic market advantage through deals driven by technology and innovation, client base growth and profit maximisation. We believe Vialex can provide vital support to wealth advisers seeking the best outcome for their business in today’s market.

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