A new approach to legal advice

Vialex was founded in 2010 with a vision to meet our clients’ day to day legal requirements, including corporate, commercial, IP/IT, data protection, regulatory, banking, employment, HR, health & safety and real estate, in a more comprehensive and cost effective manner than a traditional law firm, but always without compromising on quality. 

We call this our Legal Counsel Service.

We deliver our services using experienced solicitors (whom we call legal advisers). They have in-house legal experience and share an overriding commitment to providing a market leading service.

Vialex also advises companies and investors on corporate transactions throughout the UK, such as fundraisings, investment and M&A. We undertake transactions for existing Legal Counsel Service clients and other clients who instruct us for a discrete transaction. 

We call this Transaction Services and we provide these through our associated law firm Vialex W.S. which is regulated by the Law Society of Scotland.

We are able to manage our clients’ day to day legal needs on a flexible and cost effective basis whilst, at the same time, meeting all our clients’ corporate transactional needs.


Why use Vialex?

We make our clients’ life easier by achieving a significant understanding of their businesses, resulting in better and more pro-active management of their legal requirements and certainty of cost.


How does Vialex do that?

We believe that our fees should be determined by the value to a client of our work, rather than the amount of time our advisers spend on a particular matter. We call that value billing. We always seek to agree a fee in advance for a particular piece of work, often on a fixed or capped basis, and will not retrospectively re-price.

In particular, we provide our Legal Counsel Service for a fixed monthly subscription, for which we undertake all of a client’s legal needs within an agreed scope.

In order to price work in this manner, we have to understand our clients’ business and priorities. We encourage our clients to make us part of their team by communicating with us regularly and at an earlier stage, allowing us to anticipate the issues that will affect them and pro actively manage those issues. Our clients appreciate the fact that they do not get charged simply for communicating with us.

If a client prefers to engage Vialex on a more traditional basis (which we refer to as “pay as you go”) then we will agree competitive terms again reflecting a value billing philosophy.


How do I find out more?

If you like what we are offering, or wish to understand how having Vialex on your team could benefit you, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.



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